On May 25, 1960, Chinese mountaineers Wang Fuzhou, GongBu, and Qu Yinhua successfully climbed Mount Everest at an altitude of 8,848 meters.

This is the first time to climb the world’s highest peak from the northern slope in human history.

This is an astonishing act of New China’s internal and external difficulties, life and death, and extremely difficult circumstances. It is the glorious journey of the great Chinese mountaineering ancestors in the prosperous years.Chinese Mountaineering story

On May 25, 2010, when China reached the summit of Mount Everest for 50 years, we:contemporary climbers, are full of respect for the prosperous years,Infinite respect for the older generation of Chinese climbers who are not afraid to sacrifice and climb the peak,Unlimited reverence for the Chinese people who worked hard during those difficult years,Think from the heart,What can we do for the era?What can we do for our country?
We have this feeling,Established Nanjing AEGISMAX Outdoor Sports Equipment Co., Ltd.,At the same time, the AEGISMAX brand with the cultural connotation of the theme of protecting climbers was created.

Brand Vision

Design concept: to make trustworthy and distinctive products.

AEGISMAX,Unique innovative ideas and forward-looking creativity,Become the vane of modern outdoor design,Whether it’s ultralight equipment、Sleeping bag or tent、Clothing or backpack、both are committed to creating a comfortable, safe and distinctive style for the travellers.

Brand Definition

In ancient Greek myths and legends, the Aegis’  aegis was made by the craftsman god Hephaestus using the skin of AMALTHEA that nurtured Zeus.。It’s full of magic,A defensive shield capable of resisting all natural celestial phenomena including Zeus Thunder,The god Zeus gave it to his beloved daughter Athena as a defensive weapon。AEGIS has also been extended to mean defense and shelter。Outdoor equipment is to provide protection for outdoor explorers in the process of challenging nature,We call it aegis,And add the MAX suffix at the end,It means that our equipment can provide the greatest protection for outdoor lovers in any extreme natural environment.

Brand Logo

AEGISMAX brand logo with the earth as the background,The initials of AEGISMAX form a snowy peak standing proudly in the wind,It symbolizes the mountaineering spirit of AEGISMAX to conquer the peak forever.

The Evolution of LOGO