Technical Standard For Ultra-dry&DWR Down

What is ULTRA DRY ultra-dry water-repellent down?

Even today with such advanced technology, down is still the world’s best compressible, high resilience and excellent breathable and warm material.

Down produces fluffy force through 3D structure, which makes it obtain the ability to lock the air. Air is the material with the lowest thermal conductivity in nature, which is the main reason why the secret of keeping warm and fluffy force are irreplaceable in the down price system.

So what is the most fatal flaw of natural down? It is the water that makes it lose its fluffy power. Once the down is completely soaked and shrunk into a small ball, it will completely lose its warmth retention effect. Natural water, rain, snow, frost, dew, condensation in the tent, and vapor evaporating from the human body will cause the down to partially or completely lose its warmth retention effect.

If you protect the down from being corroded by water, it is the main thinking direction for outdoor down sleeping bags and outdoor down jackets. Fully waterproof clothing fabrics, DWR sleeping bag fabrics are all thinking about how to solve the problem, but completely waterproof and fully breathable, it seems that the leaves and flowers of the Bianhua can never meet at the same time, which has always troubled everyone.

The direction that ULTRA DRY solves the problem is on the down itself. ULTRA DRY forms a thin and dense DWR coating on the surface of the down feathers, which revolutionizes the erosion of water and solves the problem of down protein. Common problems with down such as mildew and bacterial growth.