China's First Summit of Mount Everest

Salute to the Peak´s Conqueror

After the founding of the People’s Republic of China, China and its neighboring Nepal began to discuss the demarcation of territorial boundaries, but they could not reach a consensus on the ownership of Mount Everest. At that time, the Nepalese government believed that Mount Everest belonged to Nepal’s territory and not to China. The reason they put forward is: The naming and height of Mount Everest are determined by others. No one in China has ever climbed Mount Everest. Why do we say that Mount Everest belongs to China?
At that time, new China had a thousand things wait to be done, and the conditions for climbing Mount Everest were not yet available, so the issue of territorial boundary demarcation with Nepal was still pending. At that time, Premier Zhou issued instructions to climb Mount Everest. Vice premier he long urged the formation of a national mountaineering team to climb Mount Everest. With the help of the Soviet Union, the Chinese mountaineering team was officially established in 1955, and 200 members were selected for hard training to prepare for climbing Mount Everest.

Previously, people who climbed Mount Everest climbed from the southern slope on the Nepal side, while the Chinese mountaineering team had to climb from the northern slope. The weather on the northern slope was extremely cold and the terrain was steep. It was recognized as the “road to death”. No one has ever ascended Mount Everest from the north slope.

After several inspections, the investigation team decided to set up a camp at a height of 5120 meters and build a weather station as the base camp for climbing Mount Everest in the future.

This camp gradually developed into the Everest Base Camp, where there were hotels, shops for climbers to rest, and the highest post office in our country. Since the last century, countless climbers have set off from here to climb Mount Everest.

Something unexpected may happen any time,Just as Chinese mountaineers in the pride of their heart and stepped up training, Sino-Soviet relations gradually turned towards a turning point. The Soviets promised and then deny in succession, interrupted their support to China, and withdrew from the plan to climb Mount Everest.

At this time, He Long said: “They don’t do it, we do it ourselves! No one should ever get stuck on our neck.”

He Long personally asked Shi Zhanchun, the captain of the mountaineering team: “If the Soviet Union does not participate, are we confident that we will succeed in climbing Everest?

Shi Zhanchun bluntly replied that there are difficulties in climbing, and we can try our best to overcome them. One of the biggest difficulties is that we lack the equipment for climbing more than 8,000 meters.

In February 1960, the China Everest Mountaineering team was formally established. 214 team members entered Tibet in batches and came to the previously selected base camp site of 5120 meters. They come from all corners of the country, including workers, farmers, the People’s Liberation Army, teachers, students, and scientific researchers. The average age is only 24 years old.

The Chinese Mountaineering team started three adaptive trainings on March 25, 1960, and officially set off for Mount Everest on May 17. In the end, a total of 29 members of the Chinese mountaineering team climbed to an altitude of more than 8,100 meters, and 13 members climbed to an altitude of 8,500 meters.When they reached the “second step” at an altitude of 8,680 meters, only four climbers were left: Wang Fuzhou, Qu Yinhua, Gongbu and Liu Lianman. Liu Lianman fell from time to time due to fatigue and was unable to reach the top. Finally, it was decided that Liu Lianman would stay, and the other three players would continue to move forward even if it was dark.

At 4:20 on May 25th, three team members successfully climbed Mount Everest in the dark.They stayed on the summit for a quarter of an hour, wrapped the plaster statue of Chairman Mao with a five-star red flag, and left it on top of the earth.On behalf of the three team members, Wang Fuzhou wrote the note that they reached the top in the dark and stuffed it into a glove。Finally,he used fine stones to press it on the top of the peak.When they returned, they met with Liu Lianman at an altitude of 8,700 meters and returned to the “assault camp” at an altitude of 8,500 meters.

Just the second year after the Chinese mountaineering team successfully ascended Mount Everest, on October 5, 1961, China and Nepal signed a border treaty in Beijing.Among them, the division of Mount Everest is described as follows: starting from Nyelu Bridge (Niu Lie Bridge), the boundary is generally eastward,To Chirenma (Gaoli Sanka), follow the ridge to the east,Then go north along the watershed with the Rongxah River and Rongbuk River on one side and the Dude Kesi River on the other.,To the Lamba Pass, then follow the ridge roughly to the southeast,It passes through zhuoyou mountain, pumoli mountain (nillangu), Mount Qomolangma (SAGA Mata) and mount Luozi,until Makalu;Then along the ridge to Southeast and East, to the bottom of the wave pass.
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