AEGIS Ultralight Mummy White Goose Down Sleeping Bag


Our first choice in extreme cold and high altitude conditions, usually under such extreme conditions, a good sleep determines the success or failure of the expedition.
The three-dimensional surrounding mummy design is specially designed for high altitude mountaineering and Arctic environments, which can provide effective heat insulation. We use 850+ high fluffy white goose down, combined with 15D ultralight fabric, to provide good fluffy conditions for down So as to play the best warmth. The large footbox in the shape of a three-dimensional bucket can comfortably stretch tired feet.


This sleeping bag is specially designed for use in extremely cold environments. The sleeping bag adopts a fully enclosed design and is filled with high-cleanliness white goose down with a fluffy degree of 850+.

  • 3D full enveloping head design
  • Three-dimensional zipper windproof side wall design
  • Large arched foot storage design
  • Fully vertical lining independent down warehouse design
  • High cleanliness 800-fluffy white goose down filling
  • Comply with EN 13537 temperature scale system
  • Full-size YKK 5# rail head can be spliced with two-color zipper
  • iFlex® 20D ultralight DWR fabric
  • iFlex® 20D ultralight special lining fabric
  • LOA® selected UTX DURAFLEX® buckles
  • Contains a storage bag and a compression bag

ULTRA Sleeping Bag Parameter Table

Recommended user height (CM) 176 196
Sleeping bag size(CM) 200 X 78 220 X 86
Compression bag size (CM) 23×50 23×50
After compression size(CM) 23×36 23×36
Filling weight (G) 1230 1300
Sleeping bag weight (G) 1470 1580
Total weight (G)
Chest Inner circumference (CM) 154 170


The EN13537 is a European standard for sleeping bags that provides three temperature levels to help guide you when choosing a bag.

COMFORT (Comfort Temperature): Measured under a standard test environment for standard healthy women in a relaxed state, they will not feel cold (shaking all over), and they will keep their body comfortable throughout the night.
LIMIT (Limited Temperature): Measured under a standard test environment for a standard healthy man curled up in a sleeping bag, his body did not tremble, and he could keep his body comfortable throughout the night.
EXTREME (Extreme Temperature): Measured under a standard test environment for standard healthy women, who are attacked by severe cold weather (shaking all over). At this time, there is a threat of hypothermia or even death. The limit temperature belongs to the theoretical range and is only regarded as a dangerous critical point that is difficult to reach.